Every Turkish citizen who is married to a person who lives in Germany or has a long-term residence permit can go to Germany with a family reunification visa. Family reunification can be with a spouse or children can go to Germany with their parents with a family reunification visa. However, the German Government requires some conditions for family reunification.


* Do I have to take classes at a specific institution or from specific instructors for Family Reunification A1 German Exam?

No, you can prepare for the exam with the person or institution you choose. You may also choose not to go to any institution. Taking a German Family Reunification Course at the Goethe Institute or any other institution that is a centre for the exam does not give you an advantage or disadvantage. But the exam is unfortunately not easy or simple. Since it requires systematic and regular study, you should definitely get professional help from people who are familiar with the exam and have a good command of the German language. In German Family Reunification courses, our teachers are experts in their field. Our highly experienced teachers have helped our students reach their targets with serious lessons in family reunification courses.

* When and how often is the Family Reunification A1 German Exam held?

It is usually held once a month, but it may also be held 2 or 3 times a month depending on demand.

*What is the minimum score required from the Family Reunification A1 German Exam?

It is required to get at least 60 points out of 100 in the exam.

*If I fail the Family Reunification A1 German Exam, can I retake the exam?

If you fail the exam, you can retake it again after 1 week. In addition, there are no restrictions to retaking the exam.

*How to apply for the exam?

You can apply for the Family Reunification exam yourself. We also hold it in our exam centre if the number of people who want to take the exam is sufficient.


As a natural consequence of the fact that many German companies do business in our country and hundreds of thousands of German citizens come to our country for touristic purposes every year, Turkish citizens who speak German find it easier to find good jobs in various sectors.

Our trainees who want to qualify for jobs in various sectors such as foreign trade, customs, management staff, international relations, law, economy, banking, trade, and tourism apply to our institution to learn German or improve their knowledge of German.

As the English Culture Foreign Language Courses Beylikdüzü Branch, our first and foremost goal is to help our trainees achieve their personal targets. We continue to research teaching techniques for the German course, and renew ourselves by following national and international foreign language teaching platforms, so we aim to provide maximum efficiency for our trainees at our institution.

So far, our students in German courses have achieved great success by getting the opportunity to study with our expert teachers in accordance with their varying needs such as work, exams, school, travel, and immigration. Our German private education program prepared for our trainees to overcome their shortcomings underlies this success.

As the Beylikdüzü German language course, we offer our students one-to-one private German lessons or General German education in our classrooms.

Our German course curriculum consists of 5 levels, A1-A2-B1-B2-C1.

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