• The goal of ESP(English for Specific Purposes ) Program is to improve English oral communication and writing skills that students need in business life.

    British Culture  ESP(English for Specific Purposes ) training Content

    • Tourism(Separate training is provided on agency and hotel management.)
    • Medicine(Separate training content is provided for Doctors and Nurses.)
    • Engineering
    • Aviation (Aviation, Cabin Chief – Officer Exams)
      • In addition, with a circular issued by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation in 2012, technicians and technical trainers working in the aviation industry are now required to certify their English knowledge at A2 and B1 levels. International and national exams within the scope of this circular have been determined, and Cambridge KET and PET exams, which are included in our Exam English programs, are among the most preferred exams. The participants who choose the A2 level take the KET exam, which measures the current level, the PET exam is recommended for the participants who choose the B1 level. Many aviation companies provide support before the exams to the employees whose English level is not sufficient and help their employees during this difficult process.
    • Executive Assistant
    • Law
    • Foreign trade, Finance vocational training is provided.
      • The courses focus on the subjects that our students need most in their business life in accordance with their profession.
      • Since the goal is that our students acquire a good command of the general terminology in their profession and use it effectively, practical training is provided. Throughout the program, the goal is to learn all the terms and concepts and acquire the basic communication skills related to their profession.

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