What are Cambridge Exams and when are they held?

  • These exams are internationally recognized and held in 2700 centres in 130 different countries, and taken by more than 3 million students.
  • These exams have been evaluated by Cambridge University, which has 800-year history and international recognition, since 1858, 156 years, and evaluates how candidates use the language and use it internationally.

Who Takes Cambridge Exams and Why?

These exams organized by Cambridge University, which are also taught by Beylikdüzü Language School British Culture, are recognized all over the world. Students who receive one of these certificates can certify their English level in any educational institution or industrial area in the world.

What are the entry criteria for Cambridge Young Learners Examinations?

Young Learners Exams (Starters-Movers-Flyers) are comprehensive exams designed for children between the ages of 7 and 12, who are studying English, to teach exam techniques and to determine their level.

  1. Class: Starters
  2. Class: Movers
  3. Class: Flyers (A1 Level)

What are the entrance criteria for KET – PET – FCE – CAE Exams?

KET – PET – Middle and high school students aged 13 and over can take the FCE and CAE exams.

  1. Class: KET (A2 Level)
  2. Class: PET(B1 Level)
  3. Class: FCE (Level B2)
  4. Class: CAE (Level C1)

What do the Cambridge Examinations measure?

All of the Cambridge Examinations measure the four basic skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which are essential in foreign language teaching.

How many stages are there in Cambridge Examinations?

The exams consist of two stages held on the same day. In the first stage, reading, writing, listening skills are measured, and in the second stage, speaking skills are measured by independent teachers authorized by Cambridge University.

How are Cambridge Examinations assessed?

Exams administered by British Side, one of the authorized centres of Cambridge University in Istanbul, are sent to England for evaluation.

Students who prepare for these exams since secondary education and get used to the system get the scores they aim for by preparing for exams such as IELTS / TOEFL, which they have to take during their university and/or higher education, in a very short time.

Why are Cambridge Exams Necessary, also taught by Beylikdüzü Language School British Culture?

  • These are approved certificates accepted in visa applications for residence permits or for purposes such as education or work.
  • A student who receives any of these certificates can prove their English level in any school in the world.
  • With this exam administered by Cambridge University, students who will continue their education programs in our country or abroad where English is required can use their certificates for exemption from the English preparatory year.
  • The scores obtained from these exams are also accepted by YÖK and ÖSYM. Foreign language exams can be seen in the equivalence table at www.osym.gov.tr.

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