• The biggest problem faced in primary, secondary, high school and private school English education in our country is preparing our students for nationwide exams, especially in the 2nd grade and high school period. Because at this period in their life, they cannot spend sufficient time on English education and cannot appreciate its value.On the other hand, we see that when people start to take their English education seriously at university, prejudices and perceptions make learning a new language difficult. In other words, the speed of a 7-year-old student in learning a new language cannot be achieved by our students at a more advanced age (for example, at the age of 20). However, learning a new language is a process that is completed in all developed countries during the primary education period, before the students reach puberty.With British Culture Beylikdüzü Middle & High School and Private School English education, students complete their English education, on which they may have difficulty spending time in the future, as well as gaining a competitive advantage at the start of their business life. Private School English education also helps students go a long way at an early age for exams such as TOEFL, IELTS and YDS under Exam English education. 

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    • With High School English Activities, our goal is to teach English by making sure our students love it.
    • Our training model is conversation-oriented.
    • Students receive education in groups suitable for their age and language level.
    • All the instructors at British Culture Beylikdüzü are experts in their field.
    • The progress of our students is monitored through regular exams and their shortcomings are improved with homework and additional lessons.
    • Our instructors are in constant contact not only with the student but also with the parents. Parents are constantly informed about lessons, exams, and projects, and our counsellors are always ready to answer questions.

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