Proficiency exam can shortly be defined as the exam for skipping the preparatory class at universities. The most important topics in this foreign language proficiency exam, which is prepared by each university itself, are reading, writing and vocabulary. It also measures students’ language skills in reading, speaking, listening, writing and grammar. The content of the exam may vary from university to university, for example, some universities do not include the ‘speaking’ part in their exams. However, there are also exams that attach great importance to the student’s English knowledge, such as the İTÜ Proficiency exam.

At British Culture Beylikdüzü Branch, courses for the Proficiency Exam are given by teachers who are experts in their fields, who have experience in teaching at universities and who have contributed to the preparation of these exams many times. The primary purpose of preparing these courses is to help students achieve passing scores by increasing their academic knowledge and supporting them with exam strategies.

All materials are supplied by our school.

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