Turkish language course consists of 4 basic, 4 intermediate and 4 upper-intermediate levels. At the end of each level, Beylikdüzü course students are evaluated either with a performance evaluation or with a final exam covering four main language skills (listening- comprehension, reading-comprehension, speaking and writing) and sub-skill (grammar) that supports these skills. Yeni Hitit Turkish Education Set 1-2-3 – prepared by TÖMER Turkish Department – are used in general-purpose Turkish course Beylikdüzü. Turkish courses can be programmed as group lessons or private lessons.

The aim of British Culture Language Schools is to enable the students to achieve the four basic language skills, which are listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral and written expression, without neglecting grammar. In this way, we ensure the students are able to learn equally the six basic skills of language, grammar, reading, listening, dictation, writing and speaking.

Whether you are a beginner, or at an intermediate or advanced level, we offer courses that suit you. Turkish language course classes are conducted by well-trained teachers. All teachers are Turkish native speakers and have a university degree. Teachers are chosen not only for their knowledge and experience but also for their ability to connect with students as individuals. Teachers are assisted to be as creative as they can in making the language learning experience exciting and fun which leads to better learning. Participants at the Turkish course Beylikdüzü appreciate the international atmosphere in our school and the friendly and competent staff.


British Culture is a centre for foreign students to learn Turkish in a contemporary teaching environment supported by the latest technology and in line with European Language Criteria. Our teachers are experts in their field and provide education by adopting a student-centred approach. Our educational institution, which constantly improves, also organizes activities such as trips, film screenings, music concerts that introduce Turkish culture apart from teaching Turkish. Language teaching is carried out in 6 levels consisting of A1-A2 (Basic Level), B1-B2 (Intermediate Level), C1-C2 (Advanced Level) levels, in accordance with the European Language Criteria criteria. Our students who graduate from our centre can easily continue their university education, work in their professional fields, and carry out their daily lives with the language skills they have acquired.

Turkish Language Course for Foreigners

As British Culture Tömer Education and Overseas Consultancy, it also provides consultancy to foreign students who wish to study in undergraduate, master and doctoral programs in Turkey. We provide consultation on the following topics:

– Getting an invitation/acceptance letter that is required to come to Turkey as a student from the university chosen by the student, – Following the visa procedures of the student, – Enrolling the student in the language course,
– Getting compulsory health insurance for the student,
-Solving the problems of the student in the language course,
-Solving the problems of the student during accommodation,
-Helping students with the Foreign Student Exam (YÖS),
-Helping students with university enrollment when they graduate from the language course.

Levels System

Language teaching is carried out in 6 levels consisting of A1-A2 (Basic Level), B1-B2 (Intermediate Level), C1-C2 (Advanced Level).
At the end of each level, language tests are held to determine the comprehension skills (reading, listening) and expression skills (speaking, writing). Successful students move to the higher level.

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