Reach the Points You Want with #BritishCulture Beylikdüzü Language Course!

British Culture Beylikdüzü YKS Language Course offers only exam-oriented training, unlike general English education. It guides students while preparing them for the exam with expert teachers in their fields, classes with a maximum of 12 people, and extensive educational materials.

So, what is the YKS Language Exam?

YDT exam is a 120-minute exam consisting of 80 questions. The exam consists of classic multiple-choice questions and there are 12 different question types in total.

YDT Exam question distribution is as follows:

  1. Vocabulary (5 Questions) (1 Question Phrasal Verb)
  2. Grammar (10 Questions) (4 Question Tenses, 2 Question Preposition, 3 Question Conjunction, 1 Question Quantifiers)
  3. Cloze Test (5 Questions)
  4. Completing the Sentence (8 Questions)
  5. Finding the Turkish Equivalent of the English Sentence (6 Questions)
  6. Finding the English Equivalent of the Turkish Sentence (6 Questions)
  7. Paragraph (15 Questions)
  8. Finding Sentences with Close Meaning (5 Questions)
  9. Finding the Sentence That Will Provide Integrity in a Paragraph (5 Questions)
  10. Finding the Statement to Say in the Given Situation (5 Questions)
  11. Dialogue Completion (5 Questions)
  12. Finding the Sentence Disrupting the Integrity (5 Questions)

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