British Council Test Venue / IELTS Registration and Test Centre

Beylikdüzü British Culture  is the only institution in Istanbul 3rd Area where you can register for and take the IELTS test.

British Culture Beylikdüzü IELTS Course consists of classes for improving reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for the exam. IELTS classes are taught by experienced and expert instructors. Our preparation programs, taught by our experienced academic staff for the IELTS exam, are divided into two types: one-on-one classes and group classes.

IELTS Private Tutoring Programs

At Beylikdüzü British Culture, IELTS Private tutoring is planned in accordance with the level of the students and their target score from the IELTS exam.

After determining the number of course hours and the type of program that the student needs, the tutoring schedule is planned. The timetable is planned according to the availability of both student and instructor providing more flexibility in terms of days and hours in comparison to group classes. The main goal in the education program is to reach the target score directly after one-to-one lessons.

Beylikdüzü British Culture’s success rate in this regard is over 90%.

IELTS Course Preparation Group Classes and Levels

Our IELTS Exam Preparation program lasts 9 weeks. Our program starts on the dates when there is availability in our academic calendar and offers an education program that consists of 8 class hours a week, a total of 72 class hours.

These programs, usually held on weekends, are opened for two different levels.

The students with a target score above 6.5 attend A+ classes

and the students with a target score of 5.0 – 6.5 attend B+ classes.

The aim of our education program is to increase IELTS scores if you have already taken the test, or the score you will potentially get depending on your level, by a minimum of 0.5 points, with the technical and strategic tips given during the classes, or increase it by +1 – 1.5 points with students’ regular attendance and study. Classroom lessons are taught without making a distinction between Academic / General IELTS tests.