At the British Culture Association Language Schools of your choice for the General English course, the education is based on European Language Portfolio. The European Language Portfolio is a document in which people who learn or have learned a language at school or outside of school can record and express all of their cultural experiences with learning a new language.

After the written and oral level determination exams you will take at British Culture Beylikdüzü, you will be placed in one of our classes with 10-12 students according to your level and receive your language education there.

According to the European Language Portfolio, which is one of the best methods to learn English, there are 6 levels for the general English course. These levels are as follows:

A1: – Elementary: I can communicate in a simple way, provided that what is said is repeated more slowly and I receive help in formulating what I am going to say. I can ask and answer simple questions related to immediate needs or the topics I know.

A2: -Pre – Intermediate: I can communicate in simple and understandable topics that only require a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar topics and activities. I can have short conversations, although not long enough to continue the conversation on my own.

B1: – Intermediate: I can deal with most situations while travelling in a foreign country where the language I am learning is spoken. I can speak on topics that are familiar to me, interest me, or are relevant to everyday life without preparation (e.g., family, hobbies, work, travel, and current events).

B2: – Upper Intermediate: I can communicate fluently and naturally with native speakers of the language I am learning. I can actively participate in discussions and explain and defend my views on topics that I know.

C1: – Advanced: I can express myself fluently and naturally without spending too much time on the expressions I will use. I can use language comfortably and effectively for social and professional purposes. I can express my views and ideas in clear language and relate them to the words of other speakers.

C2: – Master of Proficiency: I can participate in all kinds of discussions and conversations without any difficulty, and I can understand idioms and colloquial expressions. I can express myself fluently, I can explain fine details accurately. If I run into a problem, I can solve it before other people notice it by going back and correcting my expressions.

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